Summarizing and Note Taking

Summarizing and Note Taking promote greater comprehension by asking students to choose information that is important in the material and put it into their own words. The students will have to remove information, add information, and paraphrase the material in order to figure out what is important in the material covered. Research shows that writing alot of notes is beneficial for students. Although, it does show that notes should be summarized so that students have greater retention of the information. Teachers should give time for the students to review and revision of notes after each lesson.

It is important for the teacher to teach students how to take notes. The teachers can give the students a printed handout with a column on the side to take notes of the main topics of what they covered. The above picture shows an example of a powerpoint with a side column for the students to fill in the information in their own words. Although, there are many different ways to take notes. One example is creating a mind map.